Campers are members of one of our five "villages" based on their gender and school grade. Each village is supervised by a mature and experienced Unit Head who leads the counselors and campers living there. At least two counselors supervise each bunk. An average bunk has 10 campers.

cayuga Cayuga

Cayuga is the home to our boys entering grades 3-6. These feature large lighted decks and attached bathrooms. Counselors live in the cabins with their campers.

onondaga Onondaga

Our youngest girls, entering grades 3-6, live in roomy cabins with their counselors. These cabins have bathrooms attached. Onondaga is centrally located near the dining hall, and waterfront. Counselors live in the cabins with their campers. 

mohawk Mohawk

Overlooking Seneca Lake, Mohawk, (boys entering grades 7-9), live in large cabins in a wooded setting.  Mohawk is just a minute walk to the waterfront, and has its own basketball court. Mohawk is also a one minute walk from the M-field, where the village often plays its softball league games. Counselors live in cabin with their campers. 

seneca Seneca

Nestled in a beautiful wooded area overlooking the lake, and recently renovated, Seneca girls (entering grades 7-9), live in spacious cabins just a short distance from the O-Rec and waterfront. These cabins have attached bathrooms. Counselors live in the cabins with their campers. 

tusc Tuscarora

Senior Campers, entering grade 10, live in four person, platform tents with electricity. Located quite a distance from the rest of camp, Senior Campers bring mountain bikes to travel to other areas of camp. The village overlooks Seneca Lake and is a minute walk to the Waterfront. Tusc has its own recreational building called Susie's Place (or the T-rec).

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