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Cayuga day is here! 

The campers heard these four words very early in the morning of the 14th. This was following the Tiyul. These are the camp out periods, the campers packed their overnight things and were taken to a secret location. Once at our camp site, we were tasked with the job of putting up the tents. Once this was done, we then had to make food. This was where the campers and staff all managed to get involved from helping build the fire, cutting vegetables, stirring and even serving! After this was S'mores then bed.

They awoke to a pancake buffet in the village, after breakfast we all got on the bus and drove to a park to do a hike with one of our Tiyluim specialists, we then went to play in the playground and do various sports such as RoofBall and Football. Then we had a picnic lunch in the park. After this we got back on the bus and went to a bowling alley, after a game of bowling, we then went into the laser tag arena and played a few games there. Following this we had a pizza dinner, then got back on the bus and went to Seneca Farm for ice cream after this we got back on the bus and headed back to camp  and had a bonfire in the village and then had a well deserved sleep! 

Signing off,

Matt Helman

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