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Today is the day!! The day that every Senecan waits all year for, the day where the entire village gets to venture out into the world and participate in fun and entertaining activities. That’s right, you guessed it, it is Seneca Day! This S-Day was jammed packed with wild adventures from go-karting to Zumba classes to your classic ice cream trip, Seneca really did it all.

Our first stop at the Surf City go-kart track in Syracuse was a hit with our girls! Although I’d be a little apprehensive to see these ladies out and about on the highways any time soon, they all had a blast whizzing around the track with their friends. Middle Senecan Hayden R. said that, “Go-karting was really fun and it was a great start to S-Day.” After each girl got a turn to race against their fellow Seneca sisters, it was time to move on to our next destination; Zumba. The high energy and intense nature of Zumba combined with up-beat, popular music was the perfect activity for Seneca. All of the girls were smiling ear-to-ear while they really worked up a sweat learning new dance moves. Zoe M. said that Zumba was “really fun because everyone got into and I didn’t feel embarrassed because everyone did it together.” Before the girls headed back to camp for dinner and a late night showing of “The Night at the Museum,” they all got to stop for ice cream after their workout.

Ice cream, Zumba, and hanging with friends, what more could a Senecan possibly want? The whole village went to bed after their long day out of camp with smiles on their faces and happy with the amazing Seneca Day that they got to experience.

That’s the scoop for now!



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