Bunk Nights are planned and run by the counselors of each bunk, and each bunk will participate in its own activity. Campers having an opportunity to bond with their closest friends is one of the important aspects of these activities. Counselors plan out-of-the-ordinary activities that focus on getting their campers to do things they normally can’t during the day at CSL.
Village nights are programs for all campers in a village and their designated staff. Typically, these activities are planned by a committee of staff members within the village, in an effort to bring these campers closer to one another, and make a more cohesive unit as a whole. Village nights are a great opportunity for the older campers in a village to take leadership amongst their peers, and the younger campers to learn from their older peers on how to have the best experience possible during their time in the village!
PUPs are most easily explained as an activity for a combination of villages. The villages can be combined by age groups (older/younger) or genders. PUPs are unique activities that are created for a specific PUP...no repeated activities!
ACPs involve every camper and staff member in camp. ACP’s often involve mixing campers from various genders and age groups. One of the main goals of ACP’s is to have campers interact with other campers from different bunks and villages. ACPs are unique to each summer- no repeated programs!